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Thursday, November 09, 2006

yo peeps.

mirabelle has just changed her blog url...
eh and i'm telling all of you on behalf of her...

okay anw, here it is:
(haha ps relink)

ps: she says that she misses us loads and er...
you all cant forget her or else... (up to ur own imagination)

haha okay.
tell next time (:

4:53 PM

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

hmm... ask u a hypothetical qns... what would u do when one day u r walking with your same-gender friend along the streets n suddenly he/she pushes u to the wall n starts kissing you..?? think abt it...

lol... i was asked by my friend today n after thinking awhile, i think i would hit tht guy or push tht guy away.. then maybe will hit him again... lol... bian taii... haha... then lynn reply tht if tht person is a guy she will kik the dick... =.=

then later my fried continue to ask... what if the person is opposite gender... what if is ur gf/bf...

lol... then i joked tht i will push tht girl more towards me... !!! lol... no la... joking joking... i will oso push away lor... but if is gf... eh... wait till sth liddat happen then i tell u whats my reaction... wahaha... hmm.. sian... ok, a supposed-to-be-funny-but-yet-not-very-funny thought of the day... what will be ur reaction??

waha... oh ya, [jingle jingle, relax-relaxy, whaa whaa] is a quote by KON in BLEACH when he say the "big chest" the woman in the anime have... lols... i dun wanna tpe the actual word out... lol, n he said tht in a veri funi manner... go n watch bah... episode 94... haha...

n he call tht thing the "shape of happiness"... lols...


8:15 PM

announcement everyone!!!

thursday (tml) gathering wiu be postponed to saturday. coz escape only open on weekends. now nt sch hols yet.

2:37 PM

Thankyou Weijie for uploading the pics. Looks livelier.

And erh, I haven't received a single msg passed down for any outings -_- Hrm but btw I'm not sure if I can make it on thurs. Might have training cus I'm not sure yet. Sorry.

Have a nice day.


P.S. Sorry if I sound bloody moody here, I am feeling a little... weird.

11:54 AM

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

wheee... veri sianded... so i postmore pix of huga ppl... sure u all didnt noe these pix were taken..??

zheng kai... denying tht he nvr look at ovidia's chest... lols... or was it vanessa..?? haha

lol... clarissa stu so calm... n can pose... tiring lehzz..!!

woah... depressed lynnie worr... dun cry, dun cry...

n a group of crazy ppl around dancing... =.=

siyuan ma-cho... aha...

hmm... i wanted to EXPOSE!! someother pictures like zhengkai's big butt n mdm john's blurr blurr foto de... but then scared they angri n stuff... haha.. but i sae, zhengkai butt relle big... ok.. anw... haha... enjoi the fotos..!!

3:57 PM

spaaaaasticatedz me...!! lol... started this post with a zi-lian foto of me... i ownself take de lehhzz.. hha...

hmm... juz sian sian... come here to ask ppl... who wanna cut hair during holidays with me?!?! i want go n cut!! haha... call me along worrzzz.. LOL so jiayanz- style... ZZZZZzzzzz...

n ya, ovidia... everyone is quite nt pleased with their classes... u nt onli one... yep... im like making a stupid request of trying to change frm 3F into 3G...? haha... i noe it is highly impossible... but... nvm... huga is the best la... hor.. haha...

stayy happii

[jingle jingle, relax-relaxy, whaa whaa!!] guess what this phrase is referring to..?

2:24 PM

Monday, November 06, 2006

hahah hey 2h :D

i know i havent been blogging here for like
godknowswhen. but but but.

im gonna say it out now.

yeh 2H is seriously love :D

i dont know you guys out there laaaa,
but i dont like my new class ):
although there's yingjie(!) & lynn(!),
but still, so many weird people ):


just wanna say,



10:28 PM

Sunday, November 05, 2006

MORE 1H'05 PICS !!!!

lol. with ms chong at ECP after kbox lunch. lol
LOL. niche n jy at the language arts thingy. erm. yea. the one you noe the southeastasia music thingy. then got the story wif the angklungs~~ den dun wad mountain wad lake~~
interclass -.- lol i looked spastic. heh.
erm 2005 dec class bbq lol. at candice house! the pretty girls of our class. lol. 5 da mei nuu lol. of coz they look much better now!

erm. yep. if you all had received the msg passed down ytd. thurs wiu be a class outing lah. lol. shld be go escape lol. coz i heard from clari juz now go guitar class tt tym tt admission $6 nia. CHEAP CHEAP. lol. so the schedule wiu be like from early afternon to night. perhaps we can have dinner together. a romantic huga dinner yea. -_- lol. so yep. erm. hu cannot den me lah. ppl try to confirm and inform me if u ever see this and plz help to pass down. plz dont again gif cold responce coz wiu be really upsetting. erm. yea. lol

officially 57days left. people ACT before its too late. do wadeva tt you can only do wif huga/ in huga once in a lifetime! haha. err. yea. ha. - cy

3A 3B 3C 3D 3E 3F 3G 3H 3I 3J 3K 3L
whichever class we may end up in eventually.
In our hearts; spirits; souls.
2H will forever be alive;

sy msn nick: true friends are never apart, not in distance, but in heart.
lol. TOO BAD~~ lol. his com crash -.- lol. haha. i was stiu like niaoing at how gay this nick was with all his waves "~~~~~~" and deco. this time it really is. HUGA

10:57 PM

hello ppl... huga ppl... ever since this blog has been created i have nt even done a single blog here... but today, i have came to blog my first entry here, n also uploaded pix on the right of the blog.. hope it will not be too late..?

hmm... so fast.. 2 yrs over liao... holidays alrdy... its like, we will no longer be together as a class again, aft tht last day of school... even though there will be class outings n stuff.. but then nt everyone will be present right... but of cuz i hope all will be there... then... aiay... the class posting is horrible la... everyone is in everywhere n then some of our huga ppl is left alone in a whole new class...

hmmz... i came to sae tht we will... we will forever keep the class spirit..? even when we continue our lives as sec 3s? even when we r nt together..? we shall keep this blog ever-alive... what u think..? haha... i shall start to talk here more regularly now... =x but of cuz nt all of my sadisticatedz stuff tht make this blog dull.. haha...

ok lor... actualli nt much stuff to say... but agree with chaoyuan.. to come up with as many class gatherings in the holidays as possible... can be anithin small, like u v bored at home suddenly want ot go shopping mall, then call the whole class.. or sth big... like maybe going to sentosa one whole day frm morning till night liddat... yea...

ok lor... so thts all ppl... miss you, all


**the pix on the right dun have mine, i go by reg. no n upload de... anione got mie pic, upload it aft szuyee's reg?? haha

11:44 AM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

some random 2005 pictures. haha. nong nong ago... everyone looked...differnt..haha hope enjoy!

during the class individual photo taking.
2005 mid autumn festival. wif the extra big... lantern... 2006 dhaf this event...
random label on the table during 2005 teachers day
orientation battle. lol games
mid autumn - in class. haha. rmb our huga beach? lol

and this is the mirabelle's video link:http://download.yousendit.com/B16F2151298278C7

cy - as i said be4. teh chalet in dec is not yet set. the dates. but following previous chalet 7/6 - 8/6.
there can be 1 more chalet set up in 7/11 and 8/11. i asked those online ytd alr but disappointingly little showed tt they was interested or anythg. plz at least gif an answer otherwise a chalet wouldnt juz be set up lidat. if there issnt concern or even responce, there is no possible way tt it wiu juz be for granted.

ANYWAY. the rough total cost for the 2 chalets wiu be between $15 - $25 depending on the amount of people gng. so please response abt whther free or not etc as i have booked the dates for the nov one. but if u all really wan den must quickly respond. if not later no mroe available chalets alr. the venue wiu be same as june's

anyway. please show if u are really keen or not for the class chalet. plz treat it seriously and not juz wait there for everything. plz show effort in everything for the class. it would be better if more ppl organise somethigns 4 the class, plan smthg 4 the class etc etc etc more frequently.

6:56 PM

heehee yoyo!

um. just to tell you guys that the link for the photos taken on the last day of school will expire tomorrow

um... so download asap? oh and those that have yet to download photos from the farewell party pls tell me (: (ah im so naggy!)

kay, missing you guys!

when you lose something
that you can't replace

5:42 PM


WHY ARE THE WORDS PINK?! ()@$*!@*#!@#


Ah I found the problem. It's fixed. Had to edit someone's anonymous post to fix the problem. Hope yall won't mind.



4:06 AM


Hello dears.

Sorry for the lack of updates on this blog. But now I've finally done up a new skin for our class-blog.

(: Hope you guys like it. I apologise for the bloody BLACK tagboard because I forgot the user and password for the cbox acc. T_T

Takecare all. Miss you guys. <3


3:39 AM

that class!

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