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Tuesday, February 20, 2007



ИεttΞ [36souls;1hugaspirit.] says (11:56 AM):


nvm js tuh say happy cny tuh all (:

get mremre angbaos shr wimme ahahah..

ok dont miss me!

guess whu m i ahahah...


11:57 AM

Saturday, February 17, 2007

hey haha first time blogging here haha

ytd was so fun with 2h haha esp the part where there were fireworks HEHEHE and all of us went to see it. so nice can haha

cny's coming too..i bet ytd's dinner have already made a good start for the pig year haha which is ynj's year.. jkjk HAHA..lets countdown for her 2dae..

btw cy, if u say the steamboat become cold can go and ask for refund for selling cold steamboat.. HAHA

cy say a picture says more than a thousand words...but i din take any picts ytd HAHA sry and i also dun haf a thousand words to say..what happened ytd has already been blogged out by cy.. haha

these memories will be with us forever..haha..

continue rocking on, 2h!

(guess who blogged this? guess correct means u as clever as me haha)

10:36 AM

Take one by yijie
Take two by joylynn
Qy comes to the rescue. Take three.
Take four by qy
Three tables of love.

Lub dub-

I love you guys. =) thanks for everything yesterday.

I'm sorry too.

It was very memorable, with all the screaming and spattering of butter.
Candice mistook the butter for ice-cream -_-
hooga ooga looga moooga huuuuuuuga


7:52 AM

definately this blog is just a prove of the unyielding spirit of huga. we sure deep in our hearts, our souls are still aflamed with the huga bond. the bond that never will be broken unlike covalent nor ionic bonds (??!!) lol. wadeva crap la. lol. haha. hmm. even if there may be no more posts nor longer any updates or anything, we can all sure still make our physical acknowledgement of our hearts to 2h06 by tagging. lol hha. SO REMEMBER TO TAG.

heh. so CNY IS COMING AND. huga. HUGA. lol haha. we gathered the 1st time in the year 2007 in our CNY reunion dinner (steamboat! XD) haha. lol. on friday, 16.02.07 heh. so here are some of the highlights for all hugarians! haha. even though not the whole class was present, it is stiu so wen1 xin1 to be tgt again, haha.....

so. pictrues say more than a thousand words yea?

in the morning. little spammer me was stiu in my lovely bed. when sudenly..... someone smsed and the vibration woke me up... zzz... lol. WOW it is alr 11? lol. haha. so. i climbed down my bed den eat icecream for breakfast... hmm. den i switch on tv and com. signed in. lol. 4 hugarians nia. lol OH NO. everyone is out alr!... so, i open my cabinet and chose my wonderful clothes. lol. hmm... so... i ahd a hard time choosing either pink or black(i ended up in black though). den... i take the MRT.. down to orchard to meet e rest while listening to my beloved KATHARINE MCPHEE WONDERFUL SONGS. hmm.... lol. reach liao.... met up wif. lynette, qianye, xiangyu, yijie, yingjie, guanshen, joylynn and nicole at far east. lol. coz joy n yj were apparantly threading their brows -.- . lol. den later we slacked arnd the whole orchard. den we go eat at mac lol. lunch for me n xy. lol haha. den clari came. amanda came. and met up wif lynn and its alrdy 4.30!zoom! down to marina bay mrt station!

group pic at the heeren lol. zzz hahaha.

lol. ON DA MRT DOWN. zoom zoom!

met up wif the rest: shilei candice seeting siyuan liang wei n weijie. group pic! at da empty MRT STATION (but not as empty as buangkok nor punggol) heh

lol we came out. got scammed. lol. haha.ALMOST GOT SCAMMED. lol. lucky were smart heh. lol. raining. lol. haha. so were out to look for ncie place to eat! heh. lol. -.- lol. -.- lol. rushed thru tgt in the rain! lol. dman shiok sia. lol quite. zzz. lol den szuyee and wendy joined us very very soon.... hehheh. were the best class ever!

so by then we were at the steamboat there. lol. STARTING OF THE DINNER!

YUM..... OUR SOUP! LOL HAHA. lol. so the dinner was rather very pleasant and great anad wonderful. lol. wahaaha. everyone had fun i think. lol. there's were 4 tables taken by us 20ppl lol. u it was practically the couple table(er-hem, er-hem), the girls table(sl can yi joy niche qy), the sc table (wj lw amanda seeting) and the BEST TABLE (MINE, wif me sy xy lyn and wendy). lol wahhaha. lynette is blardy gay zzz. wif her ur steamboat soup beocme cold.... lol. haha. entertainment thruout the nite! hehee. lol. the tables were tgt and we all had a fun time of great inteaction!. lol. did chers. screamed. lol. acted. LOL DRAMA. lol. now suddenly i have my mama (candice) lol. me(bro) yj(meimei BIG) lol szuyee (didi) and shilei(meimeiz small) =x haha. den maria of course, the philippines cum china maid(mixed blood worr) lol joylynn la of coz -.- haha. lol. heehee. eat eateat eat eat eat eat lol. haha. sy n me kip gheying wif food terms lol -.- zz lol. hahaha. very soon. gd times flies be4 we knew eat. eat finish le! oh ya. and while we are eating! there was this very ncie display of fireworks right infront of us as if it was for us sia! lol. everyone rushed to see it. BEUTIFUL .lol. we screamed for it and played arnd like woooo~~

sunny sunny woah! amanda seeting weijie and liangwei (right to left) qianye candice shilei joylynn yijie and nicole respectively. (left onwards)


heh group photo before we left the steamboat place! heh. lol. den ixzi came. we went arcade. lol. zum and played for almost 2 hrs lol. hah. heehe. all very fun when were tgt. lol. fianlly we decided to went home at 10pm or so. haha. instead of taking 400 from marina south up to the mrt station, the clever us decide to walk! haha. walking was blardy fun and entertaining. lol. all the screams n supences lol. haha. and the gaying arnd . wif the 2... erhems... behind... lol. sticky hands sia. tsk tsk lol. haha. =x heh. den soon we reached da MT lol. on the way we went to the ulu ulu marina part wif no ppl in the midle of the night. lol . in large numbers though, the girls were stiu freaked out by the toielt there and the tel booth. lol. heh heh. so we re almost the same time as the bus though lol. + we went toilet break lol.... haha. take home in different directions. SUMS UP THE VERY NICE DAY.

today was blardy fun la. lol. haha. maybe next tym more ppl go den nicer (: haha. revive the old times. now were all getting older and we all have a new class now. some may like and prefer ur class now, its ok de... we oso lidat last tym and eventually gave ourhearts to huga. lol 36souls;1hugaspirit yea. lol. maybe by next year we all physically belong to 3a-l but never forget tt were always spitiually part of huga and the bond never be dying off.. huga is always there for all of us. BELIEVE. heh....

hmm... lol. hope this was a gd post for u to read! nice pics yea? lol haha XD jiayou to everyone for sec3 lives! use our youth to the fullest! haha heehe. i love huga stiu. ha

as i was walking back from the mrt..... all the memories....

never forget US. forever.

i shall be telling tales and legends of 2h06 to my grandchildren (:


12:01 AM

that class!

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